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II. Stronger Students’ Union, 10-12 November 2023, Ohrid

II. Stronger Students’ Union, 10-12 November 2023, Ohrid

This weekend, we were in Ohrid for the second module of the Stronger Students’ Union with members of student assemblies from five universities in North Macedonia. Through presenting concrete examples – these activists and members of student parliaments now know every step from identifying to addressing corruption in Higher Education. This is just a small step towards the marathon journey of the Forum for Educational Changes for stronger student structures! In the second training module, Arianit Xhaferi, Bojan Kordalov, and Ivan Todorovski were the trainers.

The trainers focused more attention in this module on corruption in higher education, ways to identify it, and explained to the participants all the steps they should follow to report this type of corruption, as well as the institutions responsible for taking further action. During the three-day stay in Ohrid, the participants agreed that the problems they face as students are similar, regardless of the university they come from. For this reason, we collectively decided that cooperation between the student councils of different universities on this point is inevitable and very necessary.

Members of the Forum for Educational Change briefly explained the idea of a national students body that would defend the rights of students at the national level.

The Advanced Training “Stronger Students Union” is part of “Promoting Youth Engagement in Accountability of Public Institutions” project supported by the National Endowment for Democracy – NED.