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Forum for Educational Change - FECH is a grassroots Civil Society Organization (CSO) that aims to contribute to the enhancement of the quality of higher education in North Macedonia and to empower students to contribute to the local and international community through their active participation in the decision-making processes.

FECH is a joint investment of people of goodwill who have joined with precise goals - that Macedonia should have high-quality public education while the students should be the ones who decide, not only to follow the rules set by some people of advanced age in four walls and without transparency.

Our goal is to influence relevant institutions to take the actions necessary to guarantee equitable quality education for all, on a lifelong basis, through the effective and accountable provision of public education.

We will work towards sustainable, accessible, and high-quality education and improve the position of youth in North Macedonia.


The vision of FECH is to be leaders in the processes of reforms and modernization of higher education institutions in North Macedonia through personal commitment and activism and by convening and leveraging expertise, professional capacity, and uncompromising commitment to re-imagining education.


The mission of FECH is to actively participate in the development of public policies in higher education, to be key actors in higher education reform, and to inclusively represent the views of citizens in the process of modernization of education.

Forum for Educational Change


Retrospect of FECH’s 2023
Retrospect of FECH’s 2023

This annual report serves as a retrospective lens, illuminating the key activities and outcomes that…

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Open Call for Training Course “Youth Guard”, 13-21 May 2024/ Szeged, Hungary

Forum for Educational Change – FECH opens а call for 3 youth workers to participate…

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Student Forum 2024: First step towards unification and more student rights
Student Forum 2024: First step towards unification and more student rights

The Student Forum organized by Forum for Educational Changes was successfully concluded . At this…

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Open Call for Youth Exchange “Youth Guard”, 5-13 June 2024 / Targoviste, Romania
Open Call for Youth Exchange “Youth Guard”, 5-13 June 2024 / Targoviste, Romania

Forum for Educational Change opens а call for 5 young people and 1 team leader…

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Forum for Educational Change

Development Strategy Plan 2021-2025

Higher education as a public responsibility

FECH firmly believes that the core public responsibility of higher education institutions is to pursue verity and to produce and transmit knowledge, both for the long-term improvement of society and to promote the self-creation of individual students in realizing their full potential as human beings.

On the other hand, HEIs can never be totally autonomous, whether publically funded by the state (government and public authorities) or otherwise, as public authorities set policy expectations or performance indicators in order to ensure education systems and structures are accountable and meeting the needs of their communities.

FECH will look for project opportunities concerning the developments in the area of digital education

Digital transformation has transformed society and the economy with an ever-deepening impact on everyday life.

However, until the COVID-19 pandemic, its impact on education and training was much more limited. The pandemic has demonstrated that having an education and training system which is fit for the digital age is essential.

Mobility and Internationalization of the public universities

Internationalization and mobility can be a tool for achieving higher quality education, personal development and intercultural competencies of students, social cohesion and peaceful coexistence of people, as well as national and global sustainable development.

FECH is committed to working closely with institutions of higher education and the National Erasmus+ Agency in North Macedonia on creating a strategy to internationalize public universities where more students can spend a semester in European universities.

Academic integrity & combating plagiarism

FECH strongly believes that a lack of academic integrity is a threat to quality education and endangers academia as a whole. Combating academic fraud needs to be a mission carried out by students, teachers, researchers, administrative personnel, and policymakers together.
Academic integrity implies fraud-free education and thus ensures trust in education in general.

The academic community as a whole share a responsibility to confront corruption, plagiarism, contract cheating, nepotism, abuse of power, and any other form of fraud.

Quality of higher education

● Student-centered learning
● The importance of independent research

FECH is committed to developing or promoting existing innovative means of transforming the learning and teaching environment in order to make it truly and comprehensively student Centred and to increase the quality of higher education.

FECH constantly will continue to work on improving the HE quality through establishing an Experts hub - who will be responsible for co-creating policy papers on QA of HEIs.

Students make undoubtedly the largest group within the academic community

They not only hold the right to be part of decision-making processes that determine their educational and social life, but they also add valuable first-hand experience in evaluating and improving academic processes.
It is therefore that students need to be involved at all stages of the decision-making process.

FECH advocates for a higher education governance system that fosters meaningful students’ participation at all levels and that ensures a balance of student representation in a way that reflects the diversity of the student body.

Forum for Educational Change

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