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Call for Members/Volunteers in FECh – #JoinFECH

Call for Members/Volunteers in FECh – #JoinFECH

Are you passionate about making a difference in the field of education? Do you want to actively contribute to reshaping higher education? If so, we invite you to become a part of FECH, a dynamic grassroots organization dedicated to educational transformation.

FECH is a joint investment of people of goodwill who have joined with precise goals – that Macedonia should have high-quality public education while the students should be the ones who decide, not only to follow the rules set by some people of advanced age in four walls and without transparency.

At FECH, we recognize that membership is inclusive of all those connected to our cause, regardless of their level of engagement. Based on the commitment and availability we have two membership tiers:

  1. Active Members: These individuals actively participate in FECH meetings, and events, and commit to a minimum of two activities annually. Active members enjoy the following benefits:

    – Priority access to FECH’s Erasmus+ projects.
    – Opportunities for involvement in ongoing initiatives.
    – Exclusive access to training programs, retreats, capacity-building activities, and more.

    2. Passive Members: are not obligated to partake in meetings, events, or projects, but they stay informed about FECH’s initiatives and activities.


How to Join:

FECH opens its doors to new members twice a year. We are currently accepting applications from passionate young people who want to be part of our mission. If you’re ready to make a meaningful impact, we encourage you to apply.

Application Deadline: 15th of December 2023

How to Apply: 

Joining FECH is easy. Just complete our membership application via Google Form and share with us why you’re eager to be part of FECH’s journey. We eagerly anticipate your arrival in our community of dedicated activists. Your passion, commitment, and ideas can make a significant difference.