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FECHs Work Visit in Tallinn, Estonia: RUN DATA, NOT BUREAUCRACY

FECHs Work Visit in Tallinn, Estonia: RUN DATA, NOT BUREAUCRACY

In the period from 27-29 September 2023, the Executive Director of Forum for Educational Change, Blendi Hodai went on an official work visit in Tallinn, Estonia to strengthen the partnership with the Estonian civil society and learn from the best practices of the institutions in Estonia. During the work visit, we had meetings with the civic sector, members of the Estonian parliament, the University of Tallinn, and other important stakeholders in Estonia.

Forum for Educational Change is constantly seeking to grow and learn from best practices from other countries. At the core, we believe that through the exchange of information and practices, every organization and institution could get better. This is the first work visit for the FECH in Europe, with the purpose of establishing meaningful partnerships. Why Estonia? Because Estonians are pathfinders, who have built an efficient, secure, and transparent ecosystem that saves time and money and there are so many good practices to learn. The other reason is the similarity between Estonia and North Macedonia. Both got independent in 1991, they had similar economic circumstances: In 1991, Estonia’s economy was 4,50 billion USD of the GDP, while Macedonia had 4.93 billion USD of the GDP. In 2023, Estonia’s GDP is estimated at 37.19 billion USD of the GDP, while North Macedonians at 13,83 billion USD of the GDP. So what went wrong in the past thirty years? 

We have compiled a document from the work visit that outlines the conclusions from the best practices that we learned during our visit with NGOs and institutions in Tallinn, Estonia. 

Tallinn Work-Visit_Document_with_conclusion